SuperPharm is dedicated to providing top class, modern pharmaceutical services, cosmetics and grocery items. Trinidad & Tobago based pharmacy chain has redefined the pharmacy-convenience chain segment in Trinidad with premium retail locations in nine areas nationwide. Their modern approach provides the customer with a safe environment and Drive-Through windows at all stores. With Tenging, client is now able to handle medications in a better way, using structured data.


After decades in the business, SuperPharm decided to transition to modern retail management technology. They started looking for a system that could work easily with their dispensing platform and give them a single view of their data and resources, particularly on the retail side.

The Solution

Pharmacies in Trinidad & Tobago require integration with the governmentally run Health Insurance, as well as the Social Insurance Administration. No local software solutions could provide a modern retail system, including ERP, and the required integration with the health Insurance. LS Retail software being both a modern retail system, including an ERP, and a flexible platform where the required Trinidad & Tobago Health Insurance integration could be developed, made it the platform of choice for SuperPharm. The company used an LS Retail software-based integration, implemented by Tenging, based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system. This solution provides SuperPharm with the necessary functionality to receive electronic drug prescriptions and send delivery information back to the local Health Insurance, as required by the law. The LS Retail software solution has provided client with a platform for growth, and all the tools the company needs to provide customers with great, modern service.


Benefits of LS Central

The implementation of LS Central for pharmacy has generated further improvements in many areas of their business:

  • In the past, system set-ups for new store locations took days to implement; With LS Central for pharmacy, implementation is now completed in a matter of hours.
  • In a setting where pharmacy is located inside of a grocery store, customers can pick up their medicine and continue shopping retail items, paying for everything at a grocery store's cash register. 
  • The POS provides automated cross-selling recommendations based on purchases. This way, staff can make customers aware of other products they might find beneficial and ensure that they have everything they need before leaving the store.
  • Current sales figures are now consistently available. SuperPharm's previous system could only supply sales figures the next day; now, they can get a real-time look at where their sales are at any time, for any location.
  • The POS interface can be customized based on user roles and permissions.
  • Global vision of the activities of all the stores from Head Office.

Newly implemented solution allowed SuperPharm to manage various types of prescriptions, handle drugs effectively and keep track of the levels of pharmaceutical stock across all stores. At the same time, they are now able to handle retail items (including pricing, replenishment, campaigns/promotions, loyalty, etc.), manage appointments and reservations, and finalize sales at the POS.

Watch our success story and find out how SuperPharm took benefit of offering customers a more personalized shopping experience that provides loyalty benefits and more reliable healthcare service across all channels.

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SuperPharm is dedicated to providing top class, modern pharmaceutical services, cosmetics and grocery items. Trinidad & Tobago based pharmacy...

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