Freshfields Farm

Freshfields Farm is the go-to place for the freshest produce : meats, seafood, fruit, veggies & cheese. Since opening a small meat market in Orlando in 1973, Freshfields' business has grown exponentially. Freshfields Farm expanded their location several times and added wide range of fresh produce, sourced locally. ''Much of our product comes directly from farmers, growers and packing plants. By buying in bulk directly from the source, we eliminate distribution trucks and warehouses, which gets farm fresh food to you fresher and cheaper.'' With teams from across the company using Tenging's fresh produce management software FreshLot, Freshfields Farm has significantly improved receiving, stock ordering & production processes.


Freshfields Farm run two stores in Orlando & Jacksonville where customers can shop fresh produce. Both stores have their own food preparation facilities where meat & fish is cut and even peanut butter is made, everything is packed & labelled on the day - produce arrives early in the morning to ensure freshest quality. 

As their business expanded, Freshfields realized that to ensure smooth & efficient lot tracking as well as accountability for complete product's journey, software is missing. Before implementing FreshLot solution, the company used many different in-house methods to keep track of products.

The Solution

After many discussions & careful consideration, we offered Freshfields' Farm our Freshlot solution, which is a highly specialized software for food industry sectors. Our all-in-one packages helps client integrate operational functions at the press of a button. With FreshLot, all inventory information is captured with detailed lot traceability. A built-in recall procedure allows forward and backward tracing of a single ingredient or batch within seconds. With QC functionality, customer's team can immediately identify and isolate production at any stage for further testing.


Benefits of FreshLot

Freshfields Farm now has a powerful, highly configurable solution that will enable them to easily manage their fresh products. The company already sees the benefits of this all-in-one solution:  

  • App streamlines the receiving processes and provides staff members the tools necessary to register any additional tracked information, providing full visibility of item's journey all the way to the stores' sales floor.
  • They can manage scrap & trimmings more efficiently.
  • They can use environment - proof industrial touchscreen computers and enable staff to work through incoming production within minutes.
  • The industrial computers are closely integrated with label printers, scales and scanners.
  • They have decreased receiving and production time.
  • They can keep track of secondary products.
  • They have access to reliable business information. 

    Freshfields Farm feels the investment in new technology was worth it. Tenging was the perfect partner in helping us succeed in providing top-notch products for our customers. Their custom software helped streamline processes like receiving materials and handling production requirements while their hardware solutions ensured that everything ran correctly even in tough environmental conditions ,” says Kris Lawless, Freshfields Farm employee. 


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Freshfields Farm is the go-to place for the freshest produce : meats, seafood, fruit, veggies & cheese. Since opening a small meat market in Orlando...

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