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Tenging moves to a new office in Vilnius, Lithuania

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Last month, Tenging has officially opened an office in Vilnius, Lithuania. As a new stronghold, the Lithuania base will help to strengthen the company’s competitive position in Central and Western Europe and will also act as headquarters. The new hub is located in the city centre’s modern business district and focuses on current and future projects alike. Set in a rapidly expanding area of the capital, the stylish studio will become a new working place for employees based in Vilnius as well as a hub for partner meetings.

This office has became our primary location, housing the teams responsible for the development of our solutions as well as company management. Our team is already comprised of developers and from a variety of different backgrounds and cultures, and we look forward to continuing to bringing talent from all around the world into our studio. We already have some open vacancies which will be updated over the coming months, so prospective applicants should keep an eye out!

The plan for the Tenging team in Lithuania is to be a multicultural melting pot, building to a strength of employees from across the world. The team will utilize this variety to help deliver solutions that help businesses realize their true value , while also offering a welcoming and representative work environment for our employees.




About Tenging : 

Our core competencies are focused on retail solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics Business Central platform. Tenging's certified, experienced professionals collaborate with clients to design, implement and support solutions tailored to their unique requirements - from back office accounting to supply chain, inventory and warehouse management. 

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