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Long awaited FreshLot Receiving role is now live

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Back in January we introduced you to our new development to come - Freshlot app - which was planned for May. Tick tock, the time has flew by - and today we are proud to announce the FreshLot Receiving Role is now live with its first user, a grocery chain in the US.

Over the last two months, the app has evolved into something more - a software that unifies functions of a production business, from stock ordering, to receiving, to production. It now has a demo version for you to test and explore further too. For now, you only will be able to test Receiving - in order to do so, click "Receiving" and log in using staff ID 101

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FreshLot streamlines receiving processes and empowers staff members to track the data associated to the received products all the way to the sales floor. It simplifies stock ordering, receiving and production, enabling access to all these functions in a single place. Most importantly, it is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

What's next? Production and stock-ordering roles will be developed in the next few weeks, with a go-live date targeted around end of May. We'll keep you updated!

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