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Tenging develops a solution for CCTV-POS integration

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Point of Sale transactions and surveillance videos contain a large amount of data - which is important when investigating customer complaints, thefts or simple human-made mistakes. The problem is that these are two separate data sets - as a result, gathering information about a particular transaction can take hours.

Customer has chose us to deliver a solution for detailed POS integration with i3 CCTV camera solution to receive real time data around items scanned, voided, discount applied as well as show payment information after checkout to have full overview of the actions taken by the staff both in real time and later on when reviewing disputes. Such integration means you record the actual footage of every transaction taking place at a Point of Sale. 

Here are a few reasons why it makes sense to integrate CCTV with POS:

  • It enables your business to have full overview of the POS operator’s actions.
  • It allows you to search the recordings by search criteria such as transaction number or even the item sold.
  • It will not impact the workflow as the requests sent to camera recording devices work in asynchronous method where after successfully sending the request it will continue with normal POS actions.

So how did we build a seamless solution, with no performance impact or visibility to POS workers?

We altered LS Retail existing POS Terminals to have a selection of which NVR device it is linked to. With this alteration we have the full setup in place to send the request to the camera solution to log the information in formed agreed with the customer. It allows you to pull data at any time of even such specific situations as these:

  • Item is removed from the transaction (wrong item selected, customer changed his mind)
  • Discount processed for a selected item or whole transaction 
  • Transaction is stopped and payment is marked to be processed later
  • Drawer has been opened for manual cash operation
  • Any many more! 

The best part of such integration - every scenario can be easily rewinded, including video surveillance - improving employee accountability, if you choose to make workers aware of it. Meanwhile, LS Retail POS terminal continues working without any interruptions. The integration search capabilities are extremely useful for when you are trying to find information around a specific transaction or group of transactions. But you can take it a step further. Similarly to exception-based reporting, the system can look for signs of theft among all the transactional and video data coming in based on pre-established parameters. For instance, it can monitor voids and employee discounts and send an alert when a void is above your comfort zone.

This is a game changer for business owners and franchise operators as it allows them to focus on more pressing areas of the business while the system is running 24/7, looking out for potential danger.


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About Tenging: 

Our core competencies are focused on retail solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics Business Central platform. Tenging's certified, experienced professionals collaborate with clients to design, implement and support solutions tailored to their unique requirements - from back office accounting to supply chain, inventory and warehouse management. 

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